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What is BookVoyager?

BookVoyager improves your experience of finding and buying books that you will enjoy by providing content based recommendations according to your personal taste.

It gives you the power of Artificial Intelligence to obtain relevant book recommendations based on your preferences. See below some cool things you can do with BookVoyager.

Have genre specific filters

Want to read a sci-fi book with aliens and androids? Select them from the corresponding filter.

Choose preffered time and space settings of the plot

Like books where action takes place in the future in outer space and on other planets? We have you covered.

See the evolution of the storyline from an emotional perspective

Get a glimpse into how the plot unveils in time from an emotional standpoint and see the dynamics of the book.

Compare books by different criteria

Get an overview of the main themes of the book from an emotional perspective. See how books relate to each other based on their sentiment components.

And more...

We are working hard to provide you with various useful filters that will give you the possibility to get the right book for your current mood!

What people say

Olea Gulea
(Alpha version user)
It is amazing how BookVoyager helps you find the book that includes many of your preferences.
Barbara Stoyanova
(Alpha version user)
You just select the book you like, tune some filters and snap—you get a bunch of similar books with a comprehensive analysis. I really like that.

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